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Telephone Systems

The telephone — it's the first contact point many of your customers will have with your business. With the right system you can improve customer service, save time and money, reduce staff turnover and frustration and even grow your business. The wrong system can be difficult to operate and manage, give a poor first impression, stifle employee productivity, and lead to ongoing costs in time and hard cash. Few investments can bring as much value to
your business as a reliable and easy to use phone system.

What can a good telephone system do for my business?

Save money
It's possible to reduce your operating costs and increase profitability with the right phone system. Here's how.
* Automated attendants and voice messaging systems can be used to free staff from directing calls and answering commonly asked questions.
* Substantial savings on toll charges can be realized using networking capabilities, including Protocol).
* Call centers and wireless office phone solutions can help ensure that staff will never miss sending voice calls over a data network - a solution known as "Voice over IP" (Internet a call or an opportunity.
* A reliable system will minimize service calls and eliminate lost business due to down time.

Save staff time and frustration
Getting the task done right is always easier with the right tools. Today's time saving phone features help staff to be more effective and less frustrated ?
* Voice mail can be like having a personal assistant. Calls are answered and accurate messages taken - 24 hours a day. This extends the hours your business is available to your customers, allowing you to compete in an ever-increasing global marketplace.
* Solutions like calling line identification and paging help your staff answer customer calls more efficiently while providing the personal touch that will encourage repeat business.
* You can improve communication among branch offices through toll-free Internet phoning and data file sharing.

All these features are an advantage to your business, but shouldn't be overwhelming to manage. Look for a system that is easy to use and can be virtually self-taught by your employees. Some phones have display windows providing step-by-step directions on how to use a feature while you're on the phone, further reducing the need for intensive training.

Enhance your company's image
Competing with other small- to medium-sized business or going up against bigger companies has a lot to do with the impression you make on potential new customers. Professionalism and efficiency must mix with the personal touch that gives you an edge. Your phone system is often your potential customer's introduction to your company. Well-handled calls can mean business, sales, a reputation for top-notch service, or cinching a deal. With today's affordable phone systems, designed specifically to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized business, the playing field has been leveled like never before. Your customers will be impressed with efficiently directed calls, a quick response (even from the field), and 24-hour phone service.

Grow your business
Growth is possible when you stay on top of your day-to-day business and free your staff from repetitive and time-consuming task.. Use their time more efficiently by having them look for new business instead. Giving them the infrastructure to work efficiently is half the battle and your phone system is crucial. From automating simple tasks like a receptionist's duties to creating your first formal call center to handling real-time orders and service, today's business phone systems offer entrepreneurs the choices and flexibility they need to drive new opportunities and expand their business.

Nortel Norstar Systems

For companies with 2 to 128 users, the worlds most reliable telephone system range

Norstar Business Communications Manager

Business Communications Manager delivers small and medium-size businesses and branch offices the only industry-wide converged voice/data solution, providing customers a choice of either an IP-enabled or pure-IP strategy.

With unified messaging, multimedia call centre and wireless e-mobility capabilities, Business Communications Manager enables communication on a single application while providing users mobile flexibility

Star Talk Voicemail

Billions of voice mail messages are delivered every day around the globe.

Why is voice mail so popular? Because it saves time, money, and aggravation. It boosts productivity. And customers, vendors, and employees alike have come to rely on its convenience. Norstar Voice Mail is like a personal assistant who answers your telephone and takes accurate messages for everyone in your company, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It frees employees to concentrate on the revenue-generating work at hand, confident that they won’t miss a phone call. It frees your receptionist to work with the people in your office and can easily act as back-up during peak calling time or staff meetings