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10/100 BaseT
This is a variant of Ethernet that allows stations to be switched via twisted pair cable and can run at 10mbps (10baseT) or 100mbps (100baseT).

Abbreviated Dialing
This allows you to dial your most frequently used telephone numbers with fewer keystrokes. This is also called memory dialling, speed dialling or short-code dialling. However, it can be more difficult to remember short codes than telephone numbers and this could prove to negate the usefulness of this product. Fortunately there are ways to make the process easier. Some systems store names beside the numbers, which can make it easy for the user to interpret. Others have personal memories that can hold speed dial numbers. The number of speed dials generally varies between 10 and 100.

A signalling system used for linking two pieces of telecommunications equipment (e.g. two telephone systems) over a distance

Account Dialling
Account dialling allows different accounts to be allocated to different lines. To keep track of call costs to a particular client, you always dial them on a particular line. This feature is found mainly at the lower end of the market. Call analysis software and CTI programs can also be used as a more sophisticated way of working out how much to bill clients.

Automated Call Distribution - This is a means of routing incoming calls to a group of extentions on a first come, first served basis without operator involvement. This function is usually essential in call centre operations, and you will find that ACD is often offered as an option with telephone systems, but on the Hicom it comes as standard.

Alchemy - Network Alchemy
the company that manufactures ArgentOffice, ArgentBranch and Cybergear GOLD.

Alpha Tagging
The assignment of an alpha-numeric name to a facility. For example when called by an extension your phone can display the name of the caller rather than the extension number. When an incoming DDI call is received a name can be shown which relates to the number that was dialled, enabling one person to answer calls in a variety of different ways, e.g. in the names of different companies.

Analogue Device
A device which can be attached to an ordinary analogue telephone line, such as a telephone, fax machine, cordless phone, answering machine, modem etc.

Automatic Route Selection. A technique where the telephone system looks at the digits being dialled to make an outside call and automatically routes the call via an alternate route. For example a user in London may dial the DDI number of someone in the Aberdeen Office. The phone system recognises that there is a tie-line to the Aberdeen office over which calls are free and automatically re-routes the call over the free circuit.

Automated Attendant
These are electronic switchboard operators. They link up to voicemail systems and answer incoming calls, presenting callers with a series of options that they can select using their phone's keypad.

Bandwidth is the amount of information that can be carried by a communications channel. It is the difference between the highest and lowest frequencies used, and is expressed as Hz for an analogue signal or in KBps for a digital one.

Basic Rate - BRI
Abbreviated to BRI (basic rate interface) or ISDN2. An ISDN circuit providing 2 x 64 kbit/sec bearer channels for use by data or speech and one 16 kbit/sec control channel. Two independent calls can be carried at the same time on one BRI circuit.

Battery Back-up
All of our systems have internal batteries to retain programming in the event of a failure of the mains electricity supply, however the system will not operate without mains power. We can provide battery back-up power to keep the system working without mains power as an option.

Busy Lamp Field - The lights on the telephone system that show whether each extension is engaged or free. BLFs are usually found on key systems and are not required for every user - only for thase routing most of the incoming calls. Seperate BLF consoles can be fitted to the side on some phones if the number of extensions exceeds the number of lights on the BLF.

Bulletin Board
An electronic version of a notice board. Users can access the bulletin board to obtain information. When applied to voicemail systems it indicates a system of menus that allow the caller to navigate to the information he wants, for example to find out what films are showing at a cinema.