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Calling Rates

If you have BT telephone lines, all of your outgoing calls can be routed through other carriers to save money.

As a maintainer of telephone systems, we have found that this often causes more trouble than it is worth for the following reasons: -

In the past, it was common for extra devices or diallers to be installed onto telephone lines, which when they went wrong, would create problems on the telephone lines. This then meant that when there was a line fault, the customer had no way of knowing who is to blame, whether BT, telephone system maintainer, or dialling device maintainer. Thankfully it is no longer necessary to install these devices.

A second and current problem is that in order to meet impossible promises of savings, or to pay for large advertising or commissions, very poor quality speech paths are used and this results in poor call reliability.

We at Talk Business have found a company who are efficient and reliable. The carriers that they use are of the same standard, as you would expect from a company such as BT. They currently save many of our customers money, whilst at the same time maintaining quality. This creates fewer problems for you and in the long run helps us to maintain you telephone system more efficiently.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange this facility for you.

Cheaper calling rates (LCR)

Once you subscribe to the discount calling scheme, you can be assured that you will benefit immediately from the services provided.

Reduced call charges

The prices are guaranteed to provide savings.

No minimum call charges

Many network providers levy a minimum call charge so that if a customer makes a call of only 10 seconds, they would be charged a minimum equivalent to e.g. 30 second call.

Per second billing

You will pay for the exact amount of time you have used to ensure that you are getting the best value for money.

No connection or installation charges

There is no charge for connection to the network